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Your IP address gets logged every time you visit our site,

All suspicious incidents are also recorded.

Do not try to play any kind of games here.


1. Respect all members
Do not flame other members, take fights/arguments in
e-mail/pm or contact the Moderators.
Everyone has a right to have their own opinions.
Criticism is okay, scolding or flaming is not.

2. The following will not be tolerated in any way:

Attacks toward ethnic groups, genders, sexual
orientations, religions or other affiliations.
Being a part of a said group does not make one exempt
from this rule.
Trolling, flamming or posting with no intention other
than eliciting angry responses.
Threats of any sort towards any poster or member of the forum Staff.
Posts soliciting business, advertising websites, or
utilizing the board for political purposes

3. Do not make more than one account

4. Respect all staff members and their decisions

5. Do not encourage others to break any of the rules

6. Make sure you have a decent firewall and anti-virus
when downloading applications

7. Do not post a new topic directed at a certain

Use the private message system for all private

8. Please check links when posting uploaded content

All links should be working at time of post.
Also, please post a short description and if possible, a

9. Do not argue with someone with the



Be aware that each section of the forum
may have its own rules which will be found in the sections stickies.

1. Search before you post and Make sure you
post in the right area of the board

2. Use appropriate titles
Titles like: 'look here', 'nice app', 'sweet eBook', will
not be tolerated.
Also, please do not shout in the topic title.

3. Do NOT double post
Add comments to your previous post, and use the edit
option to add comments/adjustments.

4. Your posts SHOULD NOT contain the following:
- Abusive language or flaming
- P0rn
- Commercial instructions
- Shocking pictures/Shock sites
- Spam (especially no other hacking boards)
Try to keep this board clean because we have a memberbase
consisting of users from all age groups.

5. Read your post/topic two times before clicking the
submit button.

So to make sure its understandable. is a primarily
english speaking community, please only speak english on this forum

7. Flooding the board or the PM system will get you

This includes mass PMing other members.

8. Replying to a thread with a quote alone is not
contributing and will be considered spam.

You will receive a warning and your post will be deleted.


1. Do not ask stupid questions
Search to see if the question has already been asked,
Also search on google for possible answers.
Questions like: "How do i hack yahoo/gmail/hotmail
passwords?" or "I need to hack this site."
from n00bs will not be tolerated and they will get an
instant ban without notice.

2. Remember to be curtious when asking for help.
This will encourage anyone to help you.

3. Do not demand answers/help
We are not your private tutors

4. Help requests that aren't posted in the Helpdesk
section will be deleted without notice


All closed topics and dead links will be moved to this
If u have a new working link but the topic is locked or
in the trash just pm a mod or admin and we will move the post back and reopen
So don't just start a new topic, use search before u post
If you want a link reopened please provide the link of
the post which the new link needs to be added to.


As the Admins/Staff/Moderators of this forum we
have the sole right to do any of the following at anytime without your

a. Remove or correct any material that you post on our
b. Ban, deactivate and/or delete your forum account
c. Suspend, restrict, and/or terminate any part of our
d. Change or discontinue any or all parts of our
e. Change all or part of our rules at anytime. (Such
modifications shall be put into effect immediately upon the posting of the
modified agreement.)

You will receive warnings for breaking any of the above
rules, 3 warnings and you will be banned.
It is not our responsibility to make you aware of
It is your responsibility to follow the rules and keep
yourself updated with them regularly.
Warning can be removed over time, ask a
Moderator/Staff/Admin member to remove warnings and also tell them the reason
why you were warned.

If you have any rule breaking topic/post/member to
report, please use the report button. Give us a brief explanation.
Please remember that the Moderators/Staff/Admins do not
administrate or moderate the forum as a job, we have other things to do, so
please be patient.

Admins have the right to modify the rules at any time.
You as a member are agreeing to any updates made.

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